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Friday, May 18, 2012

Visualizador de 7 segmentos para arduino

Hoy publico la librería para Arduino SMH_7SD qué sirve para controlar visualizadores de siete segmentos o SSD (Seven Segment Display).

Las principales características son:
  • Mostrar cadenas de texto con caracteres alfanuméricos a través del visualizador.
  • Visualizar caracteres o  estados de segmento encendido/apagado creados por el usuario.
  • Ajustar los tiempos de encendido-apagado entre caracteres para lograr diferentes efectos, incluso estroboscópicos.
  • Especificar si el visualizador es de ánodo o cátodo común.

Como es habitual, la instalación consiste en copiar la carpeta SMH_7SD en el directorio de librerías de Arduino.

Disponible en el repositorio:


  1. Sir, I am Satyaban and I stay in India and there is hardly any book on the operation of Arduino. I shall be grateful if I am advised about the pin connection of the seven segment display with the Arduino (I have Mega) with the code and under which window of the arduino it has to be written. While testing the SSD with the diode mode of the multimeter, I found that the red probe is connected to the center and the black probes with other pins glows different segments of the SSD. Therefore, I presume that it is common anode SSD. In your Youtube example, it was beautifully demonstrated but i could not follow the text or code. Shall be very helpful for me. However I am administrative personnel and electronics is my passion. Regards Satyaban.

    1. Hi Satyaban, thanks for your interest in this project. I recommend you to watch which is the main page of the project (not a post entry) and you could get the code on github. I also recommend you to inspect the code since provides the necesary info to deploy and configure your own SSD. If you have any specific question after trying, I'll help you. See you.


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