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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Demo - SMH_7SD

Here is a demo showing what the SMH_7SD arduino library can be used for. Basic text writing on a seven segment display.

From the youtube description:

How to control a seven segment display in order to show text with an arduino and the SMH_7SD library.

It's a very simple electronic project and very afordable.

1x arduino board.
1x seven segment display. (It's common anode type but the library allows controling a common cathode one as well.)
1x 330Ohm resistor to the common anode.
9x cable. A cable for each segment connected to an arduino digital output and the cable that connects the common anode to the 5V.

Although I've used only one resistor connected to the common anode, this is not a good thing. The good way will be connecting a 1KOhm resistor to each segment pin (8x 1KOhm resistors) so the voltage they use is always the same. My decision was based on simplicity.

It's possible to make stroboscopic-like effects by changin the time the characters are being shown (1 ms) or not (7ms). If you move fast enough (with care please) the display, you could draw at least 3 characters on the air.

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